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Services We Offer

Problem-Solving Groups

Led by a trained facilitator, groups of six to eight people meet weekly to support each other in making important life changes. We teach cooperative process, helping group members keep relationships clear and providing an experience of being with people in positive and effective ways. By identifying internalized oppression and realistically understanding adverse realities, people strategize ways to challenge limitations and grow steadily toward their goals.


One long facilitated session that guides people in conflict through a process of clearing the air, analyzing core problems, negotiating differences, and making plans for implementing agreed-upon changes.

For organizations, couples, families, and any other group of people seeking to use conflict as a transformative opportunity, challenging dynamics of racism and other forms of inequality.


Various practitioners in our community lead sessions focused on topics such as conflict resolution, power analysis, multiculturalism, and emotional literacy.

Classes & Training

We teach skills of mediation and emotional literacy through extended training programs by request.

Classes in basic Radical Therapy theory and practice available on request. See examples below from our Fall 2020 series.

Events & Classes: Stay Tuned!

In fall of 2020, we piloted an online, interactive class series to introduce how we work and dive into fundamental frameworks and concepts.

Our class descriptions will remain online for the time being; if you are interested in an encore or another subject, please let us know.

To support our future classes and events, consider making a tax-deductible donation here.

Week 1 - Introduction to Claiming Well-Being & Personal Power through Community

What if we don’t get better by “working harder” on ourselves and our issues, but by joining with others? Join us for an interactive introduction to this grassroots practice, born from the social justice movements of the 1960s, that offers practical tools for self-reflection and for shifting the conditions that keep us in pain and conflict. Participants are encouraged to bring real-life problems to the session, to experience problem-solving groups in action.

Week 2 - Fundamentals of Interrupting Cycles of Explosion, Burnout & Shutting Down

Understand patterns in social dynamics through the rescue triangle framework and explore how to stay centered, ask for what you want, and make change.

Week 3 - Fundamentals of Raising Self-Awareness & Releasing Inner Conflict

Learn how to “get out of your own way,” access your most useful “selves” in any moment, and cultivate understanding for yourself and others. Through an action-oriented approach to exploring the psyche, discover how the “shoulds” from our families, environments, and society collide with our bodies and desires.

Week 4 - Fundamentals of Rebelling Against the Social Rules that Undermine our Well-Being

Learn to recognize and unpack the inner voices of criticism that limit room for growth and learning. Explore how your personal experiences intersect and reflect the oppression and politics of the world around us.

Each class was two-hours long, by Zoom, with the number of participants in each session limited to maximize interaction and learning. Sliding scale donation $25–$75, with no one turned away for lack of funds. All proceeds went towards future events and workshops. If you are interested to contribute towards our future workshops, you can make a tax-deductible donation here.

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