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Groups, mediations and other services are offered by the following, who helped originally formulate or were explicitly trained in Radical Therapy.


Offers mediations for families, friends, and organizations, workshops on women in leadership and conflict resolution, and a bi-monthly problem-solving group for women.

Albuquerque, NM, USA


One of the original 1969 collective protesting the still-dominant medical model of "mental illness." Offers via Zoom: short-term individual therapy, mediations for friends, couples, families, and cooperative organizations, and 2 problem-solving groups.

Starting a support group for people over 65 who are dealing with the what America defines as, "Old Age."

San Francisco, CA, USA


Trauma-informed therapist, mediator, community artist, and dedicated anti-racist co-conspirator. Inspired by a lineage of movement work, she works with individuals and groups in catalyzing equity and justice.

Leads weekly queer problem-solving group.

Berkeley, CA, USA


Draws from bodywork, verbal process and somatics to help her life coaching clients navigate some of life’s most challenging situations.

Started a virtual group in light of quarantine and beyond - get in touch here.

Grass Valley, CA, USA


Committed to ensuring the work of therapy is accessible to people of color and how analyzing power supports our growth and well-being.

Co-leads two weekly problem-solving groups, offers 1:1's and co-led mediations.

Oakland, CA, USA


Compassionate creative and common humanist, Connie fights to free diverse ways of being, improve everyday lives and foster resilience for all.

Leads two weekly problem-solving groups (spots available), offers 1:1's and co-led mediations.

San Francisco, CA, USA

Practitioners: Our Services

... and Beyond!

Organizational development, conflict resolution and leadership services

Los Angeles, CA USA / Mexico

Gail Nugent

Organizational development & leadership training

San Diego, CA, USA

Founder of Skills For Change Coaching, helping clients, couples, families, and groups create more satisfying and powerful lives.

Nevada City, CA, USA

Politically aware interior renovation, working with individuals and couples.

Albuquerque, NM, USA

Practitioners: Who We Are
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