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Support Our Work

Our workshops, classes, and educational programs are sponsored by the North Berkeley Institute for Personal and Social Change (NBIPSC). If you wish to support our initiatives and community fund, all donations are tax-deductible.

This community fund is also used to make our work financially accessible to those who seek training. We believe that scholarship models replicate undue focus on individual abilities and circumstances that result from the societal oppressions and injustices we are fighting. We therefore charge for all work on a highly elastic sliding scale, according to ability to pay.

Your donations contribute to the health of our community, for inclusion and diversity.

Founded in 1983, NBIPSC is a tax exempt organization dedicated to supporting cultural and educational activities that advance progress toward social justice and individual well-being.

Checks can be made out to and mailed to the following:


1406 San Pablo Ave, Unit F
Berkeley, CA 94702

Follow the link below for PayPal, debit, and credit.

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