A succinct overview of the history and practice by Beth Roy, as part of "Advancing Social Justice through Clinical Practice" edited by Etiony Aldarondo

Radical Psychiatry: The Second Decade

15 years after Radical Psychiatry was begun, the collective of practitioners at the time together wrote a series of papers describing the history, theory, and practices, edited by Claude Steiner & Beth Roy. Now in the fifth decade of its practice, the Radical Therapy extended community still draw on these writings.

Available by section (Part I–IV) or by individual chapters.


     Part I: Theory (Chapters 1–3)

          1. Power

          2. Alienation

          3. Ways of Thinking

     Part II: Working Concepts (Chapters 4–8)

          4. Cooperation

          5. The Pig Parent

          6. Competition

          7. The Rescue Triangle

          8. Emotional Literacy

     Part III: Practice of Therapy (Chapters 9–14)

          9. Groups

          10. Mediation

          11. Bodywork

          12. Training

          13. Collective

          14. Critique of Transference

     Part IV: Applications (Chapters 15–20)

          15. Friendship

          17. Cooperative Childrearing

          18. Love and Rescue in Lesbian Relationships

          19. Disability

          20. Combating Racism